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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Winter Days, Spring Thoughts

Only in the Virtual!   I remember those winter days in the Midwest.   Back home, they just had an ice storm.   So here I am in Sunny Cali, for the most part, but still reminiscing about those snowy days in the real, and how I came into Second Life to escape the cold.  That of course worked until the ice storm kicked off the power.

In this pic, I am rewinding and digging those lazy days, a backpack of music, kicking back, listening to SL's best.  During Slow Bake, I get to play a variety of tunes from our very own SL music library - singers and musicians who give their all to us at some very wonderful venues where we get to hang out with our friends, and then make new friends.

Being my 10th year in SL, I have heard many talented artists, and been fortunate enough to have collected music along the way before I even thought about hosting/DJing a show.

Come hang out with the Slow Bake team and relive that music again on Sundays for two hours beginning noon PST/SLT!    If you like what you hear at the venues, we've collected the best from those artists, their albums and live recordings, and rolled them up into one special show for you!

Slow Bake!

Thanks for listening!

DJ Soni, virtual world music curator
Bel, Hostess and cool person/partner

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Thaw Out with Slow Bake

Photos taken at: Timamoon Art Village, Timamoon Arts (170, 179, 998) 

Some nasty storms outside, so why not warm up with Soni and Bel this Sunday and tune to Slow Bake.  Sure it is fun to run around in the snow, but after awhile some hot cocoa with those tiny marshmellows sounds really good!   Add good tunes on the radio, and a hit of whipped cream! 

You'll have a delicious afternoon!  Sunday, it's Slow Bake, noon, on SL Live Radio at Mad City.  Trade in your ear muffs for your headphones! 

Music from your favorite SL singers and musicians!  Scroll through our blog for examples; we play the regulars you hear on the grid, some of the oldies still around (and some long-gone), some that have gone on to fame, and a whole of lot of talented folk.  Come in from the cold and spend two hours with us, our friends, and music guests...or just tune in at your home, anywhere, everywhere.  Hurry, up, though, I got to get back inside! 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Happy Holidays, Slow Bakers!

Hey, it's cold in Mad City during the holiday season.  So I think I will be broadcasting from inside the SL Live Radio studios.   My name is Sonicity, and I do this radio thing called Slow Bake every Sunday.  You will find out I'm an inside girl, most of the time, and Second Life regardless of the weather is usually very cozy and perfect for computer gal geeks.   My hostess is Belinda, and she's running a bit late, caught in a snowstorm (she called in, but I don't know if I believe her, she lives in Florida).  Other than a fib or two, she is an exceptional hostess and partner, who will greet you with a warm smile and invite you onto her DANCE HUD.  

Fortunately our SL music talent scene is also exceptional.   So that is what we do; we play two hours of SL's finest musicians and singers from the grid.   Well, if you are a regular you know that; if not, check through my older posts and you will get what we are all about - and Welcome new and old friends to SLOW Bake!   Catch you at Mad City this holiday season!    By the way, be sure to check out the live holiday entertainment in Second Life!  We do!

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Snow Bake! Cool Tunes in Crazy Town!

A light dusting of snow last night.   Slow Bake is now officially Snow Bake for the season, or at least this weekend.    Dress warm and head to Mad City.   Slow Bake Sundays (noon - 2pm SLT) is hanging out here for the holidays, and maybe then some.   As always, your favorite SL singers and musicians adding some jam (and jelly) to your holidays.     Have a sweet season!

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Dr. Terrie Quinn dropped in to administer flu vaccinations and to relax a bit to SL music!

Slow Bake is a part of SL Live Radio!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Got the December Blues! Want some funk?

Today's a rocking Sunday, playing some of the SL blues, rock, and bit of funky pop.  Slow Bake runs from noon to 2pm Sundays, sampling the best off the grid available from your favorite musicians.

If you know of a SL artist with recorded music, drop me a notecard or email.  I will even debut indie music, and then we will try to get them performing in Second Life!

Join us every Sunday at Mad City!   Take a break from reality - we do, all too often.   We are waiting for you to join us - we know where you live!

DJ Soni in Mad City

Bel - Slow Bake's Hostess!
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Other news!  Dig this - What to do for this Sunday!   
The Dirty Grind has quite a Sunday line-up today!  Follow its blog today, and regularly,

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hearing Thanksgiving Around The Corner

Happy and Thankful for Second Life music and listeners!

Thankful for all of you!  Listeners and lovers of SL Music!

Thankful for my longtime partner & hostess Belinda, always at my side, tuned it and turned on to Slow Bake!  Guiding my show and the friendliest gal I know!   Always warm greetings from Bel to anyone who drops into the show.

Bel, Thorn, and Esme

Thanks to Esme and Thorn for making this radio show possible - SLOW Bake is streamed from SL Live Radio, and we are stationed in Mad City (part of Mad Pea Productions).  Love you both!

Kara, thanks for being our number one listener!   Love ya!   Happy thanksgiving!

Josie, visit more!  It was great seeing and hearing you live on Slow Bake last Sunday.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone from a nation that somehow gets past all the turkeys that come our way!   Let's make Second Life great again!   It's the people, baby, that make us great!  The diversity that exists across the globe that is reflected in Second Life is what I love, and that is reflected in our virtual collective of musicians and singers, here to unite us through the passion that resonates from their performances.

Join us!  Thorn, Esme, and friends at Mad City!

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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sweets Sounds from a Sweet Visitor!

Singer Josie Anderton dropped into Slow Bake!  She brought hubby George and good friend, the fashionable Bella to join the Slow Bake party at Mad City.  All we needed then was to add some Josie tunes to the mix, and we did!  Our good friend and model Ramsa joined us, and Patience and Timo came by to listen.  Of course, people were exploring Mad City all around us - and that is the fun of this location for our weekly show. 
'Is this the place?' asks Josie. 'Where's George?!'
Soni escorts George from the bus! 'Why didn't you take the limo!'

Bella (front and center); Josie, Ramsa and Hostess Bel (l-r)

But soon there would be a higher call that I had to honor -

I will be back, promise, next week - Slow Bake on SL Live Radio, Sundays noon!